• 1960Günter Schanz, Manfred Albert and Miss Theodora Versen found Saar-Vertriebs GmbH.
  • 1962 Renaming in Plastipol
  • 1964 Opening of storage and workshops in Villmar/Aumenau. Centre of administration and sales department stay in Frankfurt/Main.
  • 1971 Relocation of storage, workshops and headquarters to Runkel/Lahn.
  • 1974 Heinrich Josef Winter buys the Plastipol Company from Günter Schanz.
  • 1983 Sales and Administration Departments move from Frankfurt to Eschborn.
  • 1989 Plastipol joins the Winter Group.
  • 1998 Relocation of Administration and Sales from Eschborn to the location Runkel/Lahn.
  • 2003 Separation from the Winter consortium and sale to the current holder and CEO Dieter Rudolph.
  • 1955 Founding of the company Paul Scheu Stahlblechbau in Aumenau/Lahn.
  • 1973 Start of production of equipment for workshop vehicles.
  • 1988 Rebranding as Scheu Fahrzeugeinrichtungen GmbH.
  • 1994 Relocation to Weilburg/Lahn.
  • 2003 Sale of the division Scheu Fahrzeugeinrichtungen to the current holder and CEO Dieter Rudolph. Merger with Plastipol. Production and sale of metal vehicle equipment.
  • 2004Relocation to Weilburg/Lahn. Merger with Scheu Fahrzeugeinrichtungen. Rebranding of both companies as Plastipol Scheu GmbH & Co. KG. Production and sale of patented and registered thermoplastics (extensive assortment of plastic containers of all common breadths and depths) as well as sale of storage and factory equipment. As wholesale establishment acknowledged partner of industry, craft and advanced trade for storage and factory equipment. Rebranding of both companies as Plastipol-Scheu GmbH & Co. KG. Relocating the whole metal production to Elz/Westerwald
  • 2008 Certification ISO 9001:2000
  • 2009 Relocation to Merenberg
  • 2011 Certification ISO 9001:2008
  • 2013DDC Award in the category Product Design

Our Expertise

Bringing order into workshop, storage, operation and transport with complete solutions - optimising logistics and safety. 

Professionally implementing practical built-in installations for station wagons, vans and commercial vehicles in every industry in order to ensure optimal working in and on the vehicle as well as road safety. National service partners, installation stations and mobile installation services support us in this.

Our Philosophy

Being a company with a rich tradition, we strive to offer efficient and innovative solutions with our range of products and expertise meeting the requirements and quality standards of today and tomorrow.

The customer is king! Our customers secure the jobs of our employees. This knowledge guarantees what the customer expects of us: reliability, dedication and a friendly way of dealing with our business partners. 

It is our aim to continuously expend our business areas and relations and to make our customers feel: the customer is not only king but also our future!

Plastipol-Scheu Frontansicht
Plastipol-Scheu Firmengebäude