Open-fronted Storage Bins

We offer open-fronted storage bins made of plastic or steel plate. Both PLASTIBOX® plastics polystyrene (high impact-resistant) and polypropylene (resistant to many acids + bases) are available in 6 colours and 16 sizes. For these products we also offer an extensive range of accessories such as labels, partitions, drawer boxes, dust covers and dust caps as well as load bars. 

There are many ways of using these products: Mounting rails, boltless and bolted shelving, tool cabinets, shelf cabinets and large cabinets as well as our ROLLIBOX drawer storage cabinets can be equipped with these boxes. Our RAPIDBOX® steel-plate open-fronted storage bins, ideal containers for heavy parts, are available in 9 sizes with either hot-dip galvanised design or lacquered design.