Protected and Safe on the Road with Vehicle Equipment by Plastipol-Scheu

Daily risks of road accidents grow in proportion to the density of traffic and time pressure. It can easily happen that a driver has to do an emergency stop or take evasive action. In this situation, improperly secured cargo becomes a danger for him and other road users. In the industrial sector, in particular, craftsmen, technicians and mechanics carry along tools and materials in their vans daily. Regarding the safety of driver and material and according to statutory requirements on cargo securing, vehicle equipment and lashing systems are valuable and pay for themselves not only in case of damage. 

We do not want to inundate you with figures, but simply point out that according to regulations, cargo has to be prevented from sliding, falling over, twisting, rolling or falling off. When it comes to safe and practical cargo securing, our installation consultants are happy to advise and support you. We in our company take safety very seriously as well. Because together with you we want to be on the safe side!

Therefore our products are  

  • GS tested
  • TÜV tested
  • crash-tested according to DIN 75410 and ECE R 17-07
  • and our company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015

Volkswagen PremiumPartner

Within the framework of the new partnership system, Plastipol-Scheu as a PremiumPartner works closely with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The basis for the inclusion of Plastipol-Scheu in the new partnership system was to meet well-defined requirements proved by auditors of the Volkswagen Corp. 

Certified Safety