Sub-floor Drawers in False Floor - our Sub-floor Solution

Awarded with the DDC Award in the category Product Design

The cargo area in automobile station wagons, vans and panel vans is often needed for the transport of machines and large objects. There is not much space left to stow materials safely. Therefore, we developed a high-function system: the sub-floor solution!

Integrate spacious drawers between two bottoms, mounted in the slide door and back door areas of a van or station wagon. Load capacity is 60 kg and more. Drawers can be devised individually. Expensive tools and material are hidden and the user has ample storage for additional cargo.

Alternatively, another equipment of our Profi-Line® can be put on the second floor and complemented with useful accessories. Whichever vehicle you want to supply with a sub-floor solution - we help you find your appropriate version. We consider proportional distribution of the load as a matter of course, to ensure that driving performance and safety won't be affected.

VW Caddy Unterflursysteme
VW Caddy Unterflursystem